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VMware CLI on Ubuntu Saucy Salamander

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The current project (as of this week) has me moving away from Openstack for a while. For the next couple of months I will be immersing myself in monitor, metrics and logging. Naturally, this being a shiney new environment, this involves a significant amount of VMware time.

Openstack Neutron Performance Problems

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For the last few weeks I have been consulting on a private cloud project for a local company. Unsurprisingly this has been based around the typical Openstack setup.

  • Nova - KVM
  • Neutron - Openvswitch
  • Cinder - LVM
  • Glance - local files

Logstash on CentOS 6

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It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but it is time to. I’ve been playing around a lot with various tools for gathering information about my environment recently. One of the most important tools for storing that information is decent logging. Syslog is proven and solid, but a little creaky. For storing everything it is fine, but getting anything out is not so great.

NFS With Puppet and an ENC

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Ages ago (it seems) I posted a howto on configure NFS using Puppet and Hiera. I have been using this happily for several months and adding a new share was is as simple as adding a line to a YAML file. I was never completely happy with it though, especially after I decided to deploy The Foreman in my lab.

RHEL and CentOS Joining Forces

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Yesterday saw probably the biggest FLOSS news in recent times. Certainly the biggest news of 2014 so far :-) By some freak of overloaded RSS readers, I missed the announcement, but I did see this:

Integrating RHEL With Active Directory

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I had a request on Reddit to share a document I wrote about connect Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Active Directory. The original document I wrote is confidential, but I said I would write it up.

This works for both Server 2008(R2) and 2012. If I recall correctly it will also work with 2003, but may need to minor terminology changes on the Windows side. From the Linux side, it should be fine with RHEL 6 and similar (CentOS and Scientific Linux). It should also apply to Fedora, but your mileage may vary.

Home-made Energy Drink

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This is a post which breaks from the normal subjects of Linux and storage.

Today I am going to share a very simple recipe for what I drink when I am cycling. I have some fairly simple requirements for this.

Connect to Fedora 19 With FreeNX

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FreeNX is a great remote desktop protocol. I find it more responsive than VNC and it uses less bandwidth. The biggest advantage though (in my eyes) is that it uses SSH to do the authentication. With VNC, each user has to arrange another password to connect to their VNC session.

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