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Bootstrapping a Puppet Master

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Installing a Puppetmaster is a bit of a chicken-egg problem. We want to have our environment as automated and slick as possible, but we currently have no tools installed to to so.

DevOps Terminology

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Talking to a few people there seems to be a little confusion over the various stages in the deployment pipeline. Specifically there seems to be a little confusion over 3 things:

My Pythony Puppet Ruby Vim IDE

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Despite my penchant for tools written in Ruby (Puppet, Gitlab, Jekyll/Octopress etc) I do not actually like Ruby. I am more of a Python guy. I also like Vim, so whenever I use a GUI IDE I end up with something littered with :w and ZZ.

Super Slick Agile Puppet for Devops

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With a superb buzzword laden title like that, then I reckon massive traffic boost is inevitable.

Puppet is my favourite Configuration Management tool. This is not a post to try and persuade anyone not to use Ansible, Chef or any other. What I want to do is show I build Puppet based infrastuctures in such away that it meets all the basic tenets of DevOps/Agile/buzzword-of-the-month.

New Linux Active Directory Integration

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This used to be quite complex, but now is astoundingly simple. Now there is a new project call realmd. It is in recent version of Debian (Jessie and Sid) and Ubuntu (since 13.04). For Red Hat types, it is RHEL7 and Fedora (since 18).

Home-made Energy Bars

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A break from computing today and into the world of nutrition. Cyclists love to talk about nutrition as the nature of our sport makes it a major consideration. I do not really know of any other sport where your fuel gives out before the rest of your body.

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