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This should have nice and simple, but there was a little gotcha (for me anyway).

First install the RPMFusion repositories:

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck \ \

Now you can install MPD and a simple client with

yum install mpd mpc

By default it looks in /var/lib/mpd/music which strikes me as reasonable, so copy some music there. Now comes the bit that caught me out; you will need to update is library:

mpc update

A lot of documentation on the net talks about running mpd –create-db, but this is now depreciated. I eventually found this out on Arch Linux’s wiki.

Connect a client and listen to your music – I’m using gmpc (yum install gmpc) which is very feature rich, but if you want something simpler, try Sonata (yum install sonata) or even mpc itself. Finally you can also use you MPDroid on your phone.


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