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I have now got new challenges and am designing much bigger systems. Whereas before I would have take one of these: {% img center /images/p2000-g3-sff.png 250 400 %} Plugged it into a pair of these: {% img center /images/silkworm.jpg 250 450 %} And finally plugged in a pair of these: {% img center /images/dl380g7.jpg 200 400 %}

Now I do not actually do the plugging in - that is not part of the documented process. Also, the system I am designing is on the other side of the world. However I now take one of these, a couple of these and add a couple of racks of these. Finally it all plugs into a couple of these.

True I am not as hand-ons as I would like to be (for now). However, I am getting exposed to a the real big boys kit with systems that are used by 100k+ users, as opposed to 100 users. The challenge is very real, but exciting. As we quite often said at Snell:

"Challenge accepted..."


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