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{% img right 300 300 %} A little bit if a move away from computers and related subjects today. I was recently contacted by Gearzap/MobileFun who had seen that I had a Raspberry Pi. They asked if I would like to review a case and I cheekily asked if they could also give me something to mount my phone on the handlebars of my bike. Much to my pleasant surprise, they said yes. The sent me the Arkon SM532. Unsurprisingly it is made in China, but then what is not nowadays. Having said that, the build quality is pretty good and the instructions pretty clear.

I mounted it on my beloved Felt road bike as it is what I am currently using day to day. This unfortunately highlighted the only real problem I found. Modern road bikes have thicker handle bars than many other types of bike. This meant that fitting the bracket to them was tight. It comes with several rubber shims, that a) protect you handlebars, b) stop it from slipping around. It was not possible to use those. It has to be said that is pretty ugly as well, but if that worries you then buy a Garmin.

Anyway, I persevered and attached it without the shims and prayed that it would not do any damage. As I said, the instructions were very clear and this only took a few minutes. Once on it all seemed perfectly secure, so the next day I put my phone in it. The clips keep it in place pretty well and the you also have the bungie cord as an extra, so I was not worried it would fall out at all. The route I took is a collection of French farm lanes. Some are very smooth, but some are horrible. Also, it is harvest time, so there is plenty of dried mud on the road to give it a bit more of a shaking. It held up very well, nothing shifted at all and I could easily angle the phone so it was just right.

Later I took it off to ensure that it would fit properly on a "normal" sized handlebar by putting it on my mountain bike - it was fine. Also, there was absolutely no scratches on my Felt's bars at all, despite my concerns about not having any shims to protect them.

All in all it is a pretty good piece of kit. It can be had from MobileFun for £13.95, which strikes me as pretty good value.


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