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{% img right %}This was weird! I just updated my venerable ZTE Blade to Cyanogenmod 10.1 (Jellybean). I flashed it, then rebooted having completely forgotten to to install GApps. No problem, reboot into Clockmod Recovery and install them. Promlem: no option to reboot to recovery.

It turns out that you need to enable Advanced reboot in the *Developer Options. Problem where are those options. In Jellybean 4.2 they are hidden.

  • Open up Settings -> About Phone
  • Find the entry for Build number
  • Tap on it 7 times (honest), after the 3rd it will start to count down.

Now you will have a new option under Settings for Developer Options in which you can turn on *Advanced Reboot"

For anyone who has a ZTE Blade and would like to get the latest and greatest Android on it, the files are here.


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