To those still who still have RHEL6 (or similar) around, there is a small frustration if you want to send metrics to Graphite: the version of Collectd in the EPEL repository is too old.

EPEL contains (as of writing) version 4.10.9, but to send data directly to Graphite, you need at >5. Yes you can use Bucky as a proxy, but that is silly. I have built a collection of RPMS to install 5.5.0 and I hereby make them available to the world.

To install the simply do the following:

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo yum install collectd

Naturally you are not so trusting as to curl off some geezer on the internet and then pipe it to a root shell, so full details are on packagecloud.

This package is based around the one for EL7, but I have disabled rrdcached as the required version is more recent the one available in EPEL6. I suppose A suitable version could be built for EL6, but I can't be bothered.

To push to Graphite create /etc/collectd.d/10-write_graphite.conf containing:

<LoadPlugin write_graphite>
  Globals false

and /etc/collectd.d/write_graphite-config.conf containing:

<Plugin write_graphite>
  <Node "">
    Host ""
    Port "2003"
    Prefix "servers."
    EscapeCharacter "_"
    StoreRates true
    AlwaysAppendDS true
    SeparateInstances false
    LogSendErrors true
    Protocol "tcp"


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