I am an experienced system engineer with a special interest in open-source platforms. In particular Linux, virtualisation and high-performance storage.

Currently I am a Technical Expert for an IT consultancy in Rennes, France. I am not fluent in French (yet), but am able to communicate quite comfortably.

I have a wide range of skills including, but not limited to:

  • Linux system architecture
  • DevOps
  • Storage Systems
  • Enterprise SAN: HP, EMC, NetApp
  • Scale-out storage: Ceph, GlusterFS in particular
  • Virtualisaton
  • VMware
  • Citrix/Xen
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation/KVM
  • Management (and Project Management)
  • Systems Architecture
  • Troubleshooting
  • Integration
  • Migrations
  • Implementations

I maintain a copy of my CV in both English and French.